Project 1 - Basketball Match Event

- To complete for October 27th
- Film date October 7th

I'll be going to see a basketball Match of Cegep Saint-Laurent basketball team.
I'll be filming the event and probably make A hightlight of the event.
I will interview a player asking them before and after questions of their match and their feelings.
If there's audience I will try to ask questions such as who are they rooting for.

Shots of;
- Players preparing/getting ready - Audience - Benches - entrance - start/end -
- Reactions benchers/coachs/audiences/players - court play - +mores

Project 2 - Interviewing or stop motion

Interviewing | Who knows me best ? Basically interviewing my siblings.
Stop Motion | Mini basic story of figurines/toys/plushes. (Doing it for my lil sis using her toys)

Figurines/Object using:
- Paw patrol plushes or figures
- plushes
- Minions figures
- LoL Surprises Dolls
- My little pony toys

- Characters, camera movements, close up, etc.

Story board

Idea : Comparing Character A to Character B
Title: Golden B.B and Honey Bun Mornings
p1 : How Golden B.B wakes up > her plush gets up early
P2 : How Honey Bun Wakes up > Oversleeps and someone has to wake her up